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Hinterland Travel is a specialist adventure travel company, founded on over 36 years of overland adventure travel experience by Geoff Hann, its owner and Managing Director. The knowledge and expertise of Geoff in the Middle East, Mesopotamia Iraq and Afghanistan has put the Company to the forefront of Iraq and Afghanistan tour operators and experts. The very successful tours across the wilds of Northern and Central Afghanistan , led to the National Geographic Traveller Magazine accreditation as one of its 50 Tours of a lifetime.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Tours to Iraq

As we are aware these last few months have seen Iraq entering yet another phase of its turbulent history. A sudden and violent invasion almost a repeat of the thirteenth cent A.D. Mongol invasions in its savagery. When we began our tours again in 2009 we did not, in common with many noted International commentators expect this particular scenario to happen. However we are still passionately committed to Iraq and everyone should be aware of its resilient determination to survive in one form or another. We operated a short 9 day tour this last September, albeit shorn of the north of Iraq, which was successfuly enjoyed by all who travelled and we were greeted with much warmth by local Iraqis.

Our schedules for 2015 will begin on March 8th with 9 and 14 day tours (still omitting the north at the moment) and note that we do have the ability and flexibility to change these schedules at any time to suit the ongoing situations. (See our Iraq page.)

Although this website is dedicated to travelling and travellers it becomes us to spare more than one thought to the victims of this ongoing tragedy, the refugees who have lost everything, the persecuted religious minorities and all those families who have lost someone whatever side they are on.

We thank all those who visited our Exhibition stands in January and February in London 2014 and wish them happy travelling for this year. We are now booked in for 2015 and welcome you again to meet us and chat about your holiday plans.

(1) The Adventure Travel Show at Olympia Exhibition Centre, London, 17th and 18th January 2015. Meet us at Stand D14.

(2) Destinations Holidays and Travel Show, now at Olympia Exhibition Centre, London, 29,30, 31st January and 1st February 2015. Activity and Adventure section. Meet Geoff and staff on Stand AA52. Come along and admire some lovely carpets and jewelry that we are also displaying.

Short Tours
From time to time many of our clients want us to operate short tours. If you wish to explore a destination that has lots to offer that's not so easy. However here is our short list for 2015.

Highlights of Armenia
June 24-29 and August 19-24 2015
Ground tour costs - £698 Based in Yerevan we are sampling the life of this almost unknown country-its ancient and religious past and present, its delightful food, brandy, wine and culture.

Ancient and modern history combined.
See listed below our 9 day tours.

Turn to our India page but note that you can stay from 1 day or as long as you wish on the luxurious houseboats in Srinagar and from here you can explore Pahalgam and Gulmarg or just float on Dal or Nagin lakes every day watching the world and the beautiful bird life go by. The daily rate on the de lux houseboats for full board is £80 for a double room.

Although we make it into a 11 day holiday it can be squeezed into 7 days. For much of July and August it is possible to do this esoteric trek. We have our set date 26 July for logistic and cost reasons.

A hard road near the Afghanistan Lapis Mines

2016. Note bookings made with a booking form and deposit in 2015 for tours travelling in 2016 attract a 7% early booking discount.

February 7th 2015
South Pakistan and The Indus This is our exciting new tour travelling down the Indus Valley, exploring Indus river aspects and the Cholistan desert with its sufi heritage and the great site of Mohenjo-daro, completing in Karachi.

March 8th 2015
Mesopotamia Iraq - 9 and 14 day tours, Baghdad, Kish, Babylon, Borsippar, Kebalar, Ukhaider, Kufa, Najaf, Nippur, Uruk, Eridu, Ur, The Marshes, Basra.

April 5th 2015
Mesopotamia Iraq - 16 and 9 day tour.

May 10th 2015
The Cockpit of Asia - Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran. - Through the Khyber Pass to Kabul - Afghanistan, Bamiyan, Mazar Kunduz, Maimanea, Herat, Mashad and Tehran. (our new revised trip avoiding the south of Afghanistan but covering as much as we can of this wonderful country and touching on little frequented parts of Iran.)

May 4th 2015
Kalash Festival - 15 days in the north of Pakistan, visiting Chitral and the Kalash Festival and Karimabad.

June 14th 2015
A KASHMIR JOURNEY - 15 days in Kashmir, Srinagar lakes and houseboats and down the mountains to Jammu and Anmritsar and train to Delhi.

June 17th 2015
Russia and Daghestan

July 18th 2015
Armanath Holy Cave Trek - Kashmir including Srinagar lakes and houseboats.

July 26th 2015
Afghanistan - Central and Northern Tour - including the Minaret of Jam, Chist, Obeh, Herat Balkh, Mazar and Bamiyan. Note our new 16 day section of this tour to run concurrently Kabul to Herat and return to Kabul.

September 1st 2015
Kurdistan Iraq and Mesopotamia - 21 day combination tour including Diyarbakir, Dohuk, Lalesh, Sulemaniye, Erbil, Nimrud, Hatra, Samarra, Baghdad, Babylon, Najaf, Uruk, Ur, Basra.

September 6th 2015
Mesopotamia Iraq - 16 and 9 day tour.

September 13th 2015
Uzbekistan and the Lapis Mines of Afghanistan - Including Tashkent, Khiva, Bokhara, Termez, Balkh, Mazar, Ai Khanoum, Faiasabad, Panjshir Valley, Kabul.

September 23rd 2015
Afghanistan Lapis Mines only

October 11th 2015
Mesopotamia Iraq - 16 and 9 day tour.

October 11th 2015
The Retreat - following the route of the 1842 British retreat from Kabul.

November 8th 2015
Mesopotamia Iraq - 17 and 9 day tour.

November 14th 2015
South Pakistan and The Indus . We travel down the Indus Valley, after a brief visit to Peshawar, exploring Indus river aspects and the Cholistan Desert with its Sufi heritage and the great site of Mohenjo-daro.

My book on "Iraq - Then and Now" published by Bradt Travel Guides is currently out of print but still obtainable from some stores and bookshops. The new Iraq Travel guide is being prepared and will now be available in 2015.

Our principal destination in India has become Kashmir.
Note our new tour
A Kashmir Journey travelling around Srinagar Valley and down the mountains to Jammu and Amritsar to Delhi. Our Houseboat service for individuals operates also.

The Amarnath Cave Pilgrimage trek combined with Houseboats operates from July 26/August 2015 and 2016. See our page on India tours for more information these tours.