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This year has seen us all facing this disastrous pandemic which looks to be with us for some time. Our programmes have had to be suspended until it is safe to resume but expect to do so in the early months of the coming year.


Adventure Travel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India (Kashmir)

Hinterland Travel is a specialist adventure holiday and travel company, founded on over 40 years of overland adventure travel experience by Geoff Hann, its owner and managing director. We provide tours mostly in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India (notably Kashmir).

On our adventures we want our groups to get the cultural feel for the areas that we visit and also see the ancient ruins and sites along with the mountains and deserts. Also in such areas in Afghanistan and Iraq these days, safety on our adventures has become a major priority. Please read thoroughly our terms and conditions before making a booking with us.


The latest news from Iraq and adjacent countries is showing progress from the turmoil of 2019.

We have added the Royal Tombs of the brief monarchy of Iraq in Baghdad, and the Ziggurat of Agargouf, the Minaret of Samarra and adjacent Royal Palace are now back on our schedules. The tours in 2019 were very successful and for 2021 we have a full programme, following the demise of ISIS, with an extra day or two in the north to revisit the ancient Assyrian sites and the Christian monasteries.

The revised edition of 'Iraq the ancient sites and Iraqi Kurdistan' will be published by Bradts Travel guides in the UK and will be available from them and Amazon later this year.

If you have any questions about our Adventure holidays in Afghanistan or Iraq please get in touch with us by calling us on (0044)01484 719549 or email us on hinterland@btconnect.com and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.


A hard road near the Afghanistan Lapis Mines
Note bookings made with a booking form and deposit in 2020 for tours travelling in 2021 attract a 5% early booking discount on tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.

2021 - Mesopotamia Iraq

7th March; 18th April; May 23rd; 12th September; 10th October and 21st November - both 10 and 15 day tours

Day 1 Baghdad; Kings Royal Tombs and the Khadamain Shrine and Mosque
Day 2 Baghdad City tour and Agargouf Kassite ziggurat
Day 3 Samarra; Tikrit and Mosul
Day 4 Mosul and Nineveh
Day 5 Mar Benham; Nimrud; Assur; Mar Matti and Mosul
Day 6 Baghdad and Ctesiphon
Day 7 Kish; Babylon; Borsippa and Kerbala
Day 8 Ukhaider; Khifal and Najaf
Day 9 Nippur; Uruk and Samawih
Day 10 Clients on the 10 day section depart to Baghdad for their flight home
Day 10 Larsa; Tel Ubaid; Eridu and Ur
Day 11 Lagash and Telloh
Day 12 The Marshes; Querna; Charax Spasinou and Basra
Day 13 Basra
Day 14 The tomb of Ezra and Baghdad
Day 15 Depart
Kurdistan Combination with Mesopotamia Iraq - 1st September 2021

7 days/15 days - Erbil; Dohuk; Lalish; Rawanduz combined with the above

Our new guide book for Iraq.




NOTE: 2021 - Afghanistan 7/14 days - July/August

                      - Pakistan 20 days - February and November