Mesopotamia conjures up the very ancient past, the beginnings of our developments as peoples and our cultures. To walk on sites such as Ur, Babylon, Uruk and Eridu takes us back to 6000 B.C or earlier and that is exciting.

Also in Iraq because of this extraordinary ancient past we can track the rise and fall of so many City States, civilisations and eras. From ancient Sumer, to Babylonia, Assyria, Persians, Greeks, Alexander The Great made Babylon his capital it should be remembered, to Persians again, the great Islamic Conquests, the Ottomans and the scrappy years of the First World War, the British occupation, the establishment of the Kingdom of Iraq, the Second World War, and then the Republic and Saddam Hussein era and now another occupation by The Coalition this time. In our travels we see elements of all this history.

Absolutely fabulous and we have not even begun to mention the ordinary and not so ordinary Iraqi people, Kurds, Sunnis, Shias. If this is to be your first encounter with the open hearted Arab hospitality and friendship that you will find in Iraq, then beware because the love affair never ends.

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