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Australia visa requirements for Serbian citizens

Do Serbian citizens need a visa for Australia?

Serbian citizens who are planning a trip to Australia aren't required to apply for a visa if they wish to go for short stays (tourism). But it's required to obtain an electronic travel authorization (eTA or eVisa) before entering Australia. Find more information about electronic visas in our articles.

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Updated: 09/09/2023.

Entry requirements


Purpose of travel


Need assistance?

We can assist in processing all documents required to this trip.

Passport validity for travel to Australia

Passport must be valid on arrival.

Is it safe to travel to Australia?

Australia has a current risk level of 2.3 (out of 5). Travelling Australia is pretty safe. The safety index is based on travel advisories from independent 4 sources.

Safety index is provided by 09/09/2023.

Australia customs rules

Duty-free allowance

Tobacco limit

Restricted to travellers 18 years and over. One of the following:

  • 50 cigarettes;
  • or 50 grams of other tobacco products.

Bringing alcohol

  • 2.25 litres total of alcoholic beverages.

Cash limit

  • There are no restrictions on the importation of funds into Australia.
  • Funds of AUD$10,000 or more must be declared.

Other goods

  • Travellers 18 years or older may bring in AUD$900 of general goods for personal use.
  • Travellers younger than 18 years may bring in AUD$450 of general goods for personal use.
  • Most prescription medications are free to import provided they are accompanied by a prescription written in English, with a supply of 3 months or less.
  • Travellers 18 years of age or older may import up to 5 lighters.
  • The following may be imported into Australia, subject to airline rules: fixed blade knives, swords including katanas and samurai swords, multi-tool knives, and bayonets.
Find more information on the customs regulations of Australia page.